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We at FROM JAPAN, who offer service to everyone around the world, always see things from the customer's point of view, are never satisfied with the present and possess a high desire to improve. We are constantly creating new things, challenging new things, and striving to become a global business that offers impressive service to customers around the globe.

Sending Japan's safe products out into the world

We aim to send detailed, high-quality Japanese products which are highly valued throughout the world, outside of Japan.

Aiming toward becoming the world's number one e-commerce site

In order to move toward even more globalization, at present, we are progressing as a proxy service that aims at sending not only Japanese products, but products from countries all over the planet, to the entire world!

We are a proxy service

We deliver Japan's attractive, as well as safe and inexpensive products, to customers overseas with no risks.

From now on, we will be expanding our business!

Presently we only offer services from Japan to overseas, but from here on we plan to expand our service so European, North American, Scandinavian, etc products can also be easily obtained by people living outside of those areas.

message from CEO

When I was a university student, as well as after I graduated, I travelled to various countries, and I felt that there was a demand for various Japanese products. Furthermore, despite the demand, I felt there was a high hurdle when it came to getting a hold of those products, so I started up this company in order to offer a proxy service for Japanese goods. In cooperation with Yahoo Hong Kong, Yahoo Japan, Rakuten, and GMO Internet, we presently serve over 180 countries. Our customers use us so much to where we are one of the top 3 largest users of Japan Post's EMS shipping service.

"FROM JAPAN's mission is, anyone in the world can enjoy shopping for Japanese items just like a Japanese person can. We are a business where our main work lies in acting as a proxy service for people living outside of Japan. Though the economy has shifted toward a weak yen, we feel this is the chance to feel a little closer to Japan, and we hope everyone has even more fun shopping in Japan."

our new shopping site


We've revamped our site!
It's now even easier to seach for products, and you can find information about recommended items on our front page.


We support English, Japanese, traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese. In the near future we plan to expand the languages we support.


Our site is even smartphone-friendly. In order to offer a pleasant shopping experience on smartphones, we paid particular attention to text size and the ease of pressing buttons.

new logo

Along with our site renewal comes our logo renewal! Now it's a more simple and modern design!


Every product will politely and quickly arrive in the hands of our customers.

We help to purchase all kinds of merchandise offered domestically in Japan.

We are in the business of providing our customers ways to obtain hard to get items from Japan. This is done by using our automated 24/7 system which places bids on Yahoo Japan Auctions, and also by purchasing any item you desire from Japanese shopping websites (please be aware that some of the items may not be allowed for export outside of Japan), all of which is done in a discreet and timely manner and delivered right to your door.
Our site currently supports English, Chinese and Taiwanese, but we are always here to help in other languages if we can with the help of our multi-lingual staff. For the best solution for your online shopping needs feel free to browse through our site and enjoy some of the best shopping on the Web.

Please enjoy the best shopping experience with FROM JAPAN.

Group Shipment

We can consolidate your orders for international shipping!

Automatic system

24 hour real-time bidding system !

No Japanese needed

We're Japanese export specialists, language isn't a problem.

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Secured Payment Methods

Easy payment through Paypal or by Credit Card!

Customer support

Quick replies from our dedicated Multi-lingual customer service

Fast Shipping

Same day dispatch for payments made before 15:00 (JST)

Sniper Bid

FJ's one and only "Sniper bid" function automatically places a bid for you 5 minutes before the end of the auction.

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  • 11/2016
  • Head office moved to Chuo-ku , Shinkawa, 2-1-5
  • 2012
  • Collaboration with Rakuten - 5% off Rakuten Products Campaign
  • 10/2012
  • Head office moved to Chiyoda-Ku, Hirakawacho, 1-4-14
  • 6/2011
  • Head office moved to Tokyo-to Koto-ku Aomi 2-7-4
  • 2005
  • Partnership with Yahoo! Hong Kong
  • 10/2005
  • Began operating as a proxy service for domestic Japanese shopping sites
  • 8/2004
  • Began operating as a proxy service for bidding on Yahoo! Japan auctions
  • 3/2004
  • Established FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd. at Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Shirakawa

Since our establishment in 2004, we have 11 years of experience


total transactions


serviced countries and areas

company information

  • Company Name
  • FROM JAPAN Co., Ltd.
  • Company Address
  • THE WALL 7F, 2-1-5 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033 JAPAN
  • Telephone
  • 81-3-6262-8722
  • Fax
  • 81-3-6262-8721
  • Chairman
  • Tomohiro Kuno
  • Business Type
  • E-commerce
  • Capital
  • ¥ 100,000,000
  • Date established
  • March, 30th 2004
  • Number of employees
  • 100
  • Accounting period
  • February
  • Financial Institutions
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Tokyo, Risona Bank